Rodent control in Brooklyn


Rodents (rats or mice) are one of the major pest problems in urban areas. Whether it’s a business or residential place, rodents are found everywhere. Our highly professional rodent control service in Brooklyn has years of experience in handling rodent nuisances. Whether its rats or mice we  can ensure they are removed from your property quickly and efficiently. In fact, we can help you with any kind of rodents that can be found in an urban environment.

The removal of mice or rats by our rodent control service in Brooklyn  is done with minimum disruption of your household. We use a combination of methods that include glue boards, traps , rodent proofing, and the careful and sparing use of pesticides.

Give us a call, and you can have our pest  professionals on their way to assess your problem and  recommend a course of action. They’ll clearly explain exactly what they have determined needs to be done, and they will  give you the cost for service.

With the our rodent control service in Brooklyn, you will never get a huge bill with hidden surprises.  Call us today and we will be there for you !  646-470-9866

Rodent Control In Brooklyn in New York


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